We are building an Artificial Intelligence Personality, a software platform named Stephanie. Stephanie is a virtual assistant who will facilitate the hiring process and will perform recruiting and human resources tasks.

The hiring process has become cluttered with many applicants, job boards, and career sites. Job seekers spend an enormous amount of time completing applications, talking to recruiters and engaging in multiple interviews. On the other hand, hiring managers and a company’s HR department are flooded with applications and are unable to process to find the right candidate.

What if we have a system that is able to match job seekers qualifications and experiences with hiring managers job requirements in every aspect and still able to communicate with both sides in natural language . Stephanie would introduce them, schedule the interviews, take feedback and finalize the hiring process

We want every job seekers and every hiring managers work with Stephanie

How Stephanie Can Help ?

Artificial Intelligence Recruiter And Human Resources Personality


Stephanie will be available 24/7 through email and chat. The system will be completely capable of understanding emails and chat messages received from job seekers and hiring managers and will respond accordingly. The system will also do conduct the matching and selection of qualifying candidates for the jobs using advanced predictive analytics. Stephanie will then introduce both sides to the right match, schedule interviews, get feedback and finalize the hiring process

What are the Stephanie's Features

Natural language understanding, Reasoning, Matching and qualifying, Scheduling interviews, Taking feedbacks.